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Conjugation del verbos

crear: to create
vider: to see
audir: to hear

Participio Presente
creante: creating
vidente: seeing
audiente: hearing

Participio Passate
create: created
vidite: seen
audite: heard

crea!: create!
vide!: see!
audi!: hear!

Le Voce Active

Tempore Presente
io crea: I create
io vide: I see
io audi: I hear

Tempore Perfecte Presente
io ha create: I have created
io ha vidite: I have seen
io ha audite: I have heard

Tempore Imperfecte
io creava: I created
io videva: I saw
io audiva: I heard

Tempore Perfecte Passate
io habeva create: I had created
io habeva vidite: I had seen
io habeva audite: I had heard

Tempore Futur
io creara: I will create
io videra: I will see
io audira: I will hear

Tempore Perfecte Futur
io habera create: I will have created
io habera vidite: I will have seen
io habera audite: I will have heard

Tempore Conditional
io crearea: I would create
io viderea: I would see
io audirea: I would hear

Tempore Perfecte Conditional
io haberea create: I would have created
io haberea vidite: I would have seen
io haberea audite: I would have heard

Le Voce Passive

Tempore Presente
io es create: I am created
io es vidite: I am seen
io es audite: I am heard

Tempore Perfecte Presente
io ha essite create: I have been created
io ha essite vidite: I have been seen
io ha essite audite: I have been heard

Tempore Imperfecte
io esseva create: I was created
io esseva vidite: I was seen
io esseva audite: I was heard

Tempore Perfecte Passate
io habeva essite create: I had been created
io habeva essite vidite: I had been seen
io habeva essite audite: I had been heard

Tempore Futur
io essera create: I will be created
io essera vidite: I will be seen
io essera audite: I will be heard

Tempore Perfecte Futur
io habera essite create: I will have been created
io habera essite vidite: I will have been seen
io habera essite audite: I will have been heard

Tempore Conditional
io esserea create: I would be created
io esserea vidite: I would be seen
io esserea audite: I would be heard

Tempore Perfecte Conditional
io haberea essite create: I would have been created
io haberea essite vidite: I would have been seen
io haberea essite audite: I would have been heard
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