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Hello, my name is Rachel. I am interested in Interlingua because I wanted to use an already existing auxiliary language for the people of a fictional country that I am writing about in a story. I found about the language by accident while looking for information on Esperanto. I like the natural flow of the language compared to that of Esperanto and since the (so far) nameless country is in Europe (I think I will place it along the southern border of Spain and France) I think it will be more fitting as a native language of the people.

Hallo, mi nomine es Rachel. Io es interessate in Interlingua proque io desirate usar un jam existente ‘auxiliary language’ pro le gente de un fiction pais que io es scribente super in un historia . Io discoperite super le lingua pre accidente dum mirante pro information sur Esperanto. Io gusto le natural fluxo de le lingua comparate a que de Esperanto e porque le sin nominee pais es in Europa (io pensa io placiara il al latere del sud bordo de espania e francia) io pensa il sera plus convenibile como un lingua maternal del gente.
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